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the eye roll iphone case

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the eye roll iphone case

the eye roll iphone case

The low-power, flexible electrophoretic display (more commonly known as electronic paper or e-ink) is key to the promised long-lasting battery life. The Kickstarter project is aiming to raise $75,000. It just launched and has so far attracted nearly $50,000. Early-bird pledge prices for an Eyecatcher start at $214 (about £140, AU$300). Keep in mind that not all crowdfunding campaigns deliver as expected and on time. The concept of an e-ink bracelet has appeared before. The tago arc was successfully funded on Indiegogo earlier this year with an Android-only bracelet focused on offering different patterns and images. What sets the Eyecatcher apart from this is the iPhone compatibility and the ability to display news and notifications, a la smartwatches.

The Eyecatcher isn't trying to supplant smartwatches; it's trying to sidle up next to them like a stealthy supermodel, drawing your attention to the possibilities of a high-tech gadget that is as much about fashion as it is about function, No charger, no problem, A new smart bracelet up for crowdfunding aims to deliver battery life that smartwatches can only dream about, If you have a smartwatch, you've probably seen it spend a lot of time with its charging system, Most of those wearables are meant to sit on your nightstand, recharging every night in order to have enough juice to the survive the day, Forget to charge it and the eye roll iphone case you'll have to deal with a dead watch, The Looksee Labs Eyecatcher smart bracelet on Kickstarter wants to remove power worries from the wearables equation..

Well, that's what Microsoft's Surface is supposed to be all about: a tablet that can replace your laptop, thanks to a detachable keyboard. But as of today now there are four different Microsoft Surface computers on sale -- including the Surface Book , which looks like a laptop to begin with. It can all be a little bit overwhelming. Maybe this chart can help?. Here, we're comparing the Microsoft Surface 3 , the Surface Pro 3 , the new Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book , plus a 13-inch MacBook Pro for reference. And because Microsoft doesn't always include the keyboard in its size, weight and pricing calculations, we decided to add all of those to the chart so you know exactly what you're getting into.

As you're surely noting right now, there are quiet a few differences here, most notably what's included in the box, The Surface Pro 4 now comes standard with the stylus, and the laptop-like Surface Book has both stylus and keyboard dock in the box, And while the the eye roll iphone case detachable tablet portion of the Surface Book might be exceptionally thin and light for a Windows PC, it's the same weight and a good bit thicker than a 13-inch MacBook Pro as soon as you dock it, (Never mind that Microsoft says the Surface Book has twice the performance of Apple's 13-inch laptop, It might if you buy the model with Nvidia GeForce graphics, which cost $1,899 and up.)..

Meanwhile, if you're in love with the Surface concept of kickstand plus detachable keyboard, you might be tempted to pick up the cheapest Surface 3 -- but don't be tricked into thinking you're getting a deal at $499. Not only does it not include the keyboard, it's a major step down in terms of screen quality and processing power. The hinge is less flexible, too. And if you're considering shelling out an additional $100 for the Surface 3 model with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of solid state storage -- which I'd definitely recommend -- the entry-level Surface Pro 4 starts looking even better: you're looking at only a $300 difference for a larger, thinner, more capable tablet with an included stylus.

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