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seeing stars by nature magick iphone case

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seeing stars by nature magick iphone case

seeing stars by nature magick iphone case

White House press conferences often involve all the excitement of a snail trying to make out with a tortoise. Anything that can break the monotony -- or at least add a touch of levity -- is surely welcome. On Thursday someone without any press credentials made quite a few hardened journalists giggle. A long-winded -- though no doubt fascinating -- question was being asked by a journalist. It was about whether the president was sad that Republicans weren't supporting his Iran deal. Siri suddenly interjected: "Sorry, I'm not sure what you want me to change."At least two journalists giggled. Which is a vast achievement, as the White House press corps takes itself terribly seriously. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest also cracked a smile.

It's unclear, though, what question Siri was trying to answer, Was she practicing for her future role as president of this great nation and declaring that she, too, was in favor of the Iran deal?, Was she perhaps answering a typed question about Apple's latest event, in which new Apple Watch straps were unveiled?, Or could it be that the journalist who owned that particular iPhone was begging Siri to find some way to change their seeing stars by nature magick iphone case life and get them out of this staggeringly dull press conference?..

We may never know. How moving it might be one day if White House press conferences didn't feature a real human being attempting to offer half-truths, obfuscations and hastily prepared talking points to an assemblage of the boorish and biased. How stunning it would be if an iPhone was placed on the podium and answered questions in Siri's pleasant, considered monotone. I fancy this development is a matter of months away. I feel sure it must be high on the future President Trump's agenda. Technically Incorrect: Did someone have an advance edition of Apple's "always-on" Siri? For she suddenly spoke when no one expected her to.

You can learn the ins and outs of the new OS by visiting our complete guide to iOS 9, While iOS 9 has been available as a public beta for the past few months, Apple plans on making it publicly available starting Wednesday, September 16, Once available, anyone with a supported iOS device (more on that in a minute) can download and install the OS, The general rule of thumb here is, if your device is capable of running iOS 8, it'll run iOS 9, You can check the version of iOS your device is currently running by launching seeing stars by nature magick iphone case the Settings app, then tapping on General followed by About and looking at the number on the Version line..

Before updating, you'll want to have a current backup of your device. You have two options, iCloud or iTunes. Technically, your device should be backing up your device every night while its charging, but it's not a bad idea to have a backup made moments before you hit the update button. Launch the Settings app, tap on iCloud, then scroll down until you find the Backup option and tap on it. A Backup Now button will become active after a brief moment, which you'll want to tap on. Make sure you're connected to Wi-Fi and have your iOS device charging.

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