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magical assistant iphone case

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magical assistant iphone case

magical assistant iphone case

The Fire HD 8 isn't without its faults. The chunky plastic design feels a bit toy-like, performance is slow during downloads or when running bigger games and Amazon's app store is light years behind Google and Apple's when it comes to selection. Yet, what it lacks in aesthetic finesse, fast specs and apps variety, it makes up for in tons of content for you and the whole family. For the price, the Fire HD 8 will soon have you forgetting that you originally signed up for Amazon Prime for the two-day shipping. There's also the option of last year's smaller Fire HD 6 and this year's brand new 10-inch Fire HD 10 . And, if you're really low on funds, you can even go for the soon-to-be-released $50 7-inch Fire tablet.

Editors' note, October 15, 2015 : The review has been edited to clarify that Amazon Underground is available to all Amazon users, The reflective sheen, bold colors magical assistant iphone case and sharp corners mean the Fire HD 8 looks like a hybrid of the Apple iPhone 5C and the Lumia 2520 , Nokia's ill-fated foray into tablets, The tablet measures 0.3 inches (7.7mm) thick and weighs 0.68 pounds (311g), It's far from the " thin is in" tablet trend, but it's still small enough to throw in your bag without adding too much bulk..

The tablet back is made of glossy plastic that comes in four colors: black, magenta, orange and blue. The smooth back panel feels comfortable against your fingertips, but it attracts some visible fingerprints. Despite the lightweight material, it feels rather solid thanks to its girthy build and hefty weight. On the top edge you'll find the power button, micro-USB port, headphone jack and volume buttons. The left houses the microSD card slot, which is concealed with a little flap, and a pair a speakers are located on the opposite edge.

The bold colors and glossy plastic design of the Fire HD 8 evokes a toy-like impression that's part fun and part cheap, The polished aesthetic doesn't really feel high-end or premium, At its low price, the Fisher-Price feel is no surprise, In some magical assistant iphone case way, the flagrantly plastic construction is refreshingly unpretentious, To be sure, the design is one of its weakest aspects, but considering it's a tablet meant for entertainment rather than productivity, the playful aesthetic all kind of makes sense in a way..

The new Fire HD tablets debut Amazon's latest Android-based operating system, Fire OS 5 Bellini. The updated user interface has a fresh design that's easy to navigate and new features to enhance watching video, gaming, and reading. Though it runs a modified version of the Google OS, you don't get the full breadth of Android apps available in the Google Play store. Instead, you have the Amazon App store, which is highly curated and limited in its selection. It's a downside to the Amazon OS, but if you don't care for downloading many apps, it's not a big deal.

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