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lovecases floral art iphone x case - black

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lovecases floral art iphone x case - black

lovecases floral art iphone x case - black lovecases floral art iphone x case - black lovecases floral art iphone x case - black lovecases floral art iphone x case - black lovecases floral art iphone x case - black

lovecases floral art iphone x case - black

Cook has shared similar tributes about Jobs over the years, as have Jobs' other colleagues. Andrea Jung, who is also CEO of Grameen America, a New York-based nonprofit microfinance organization, on Monday remembered Jobs as "being down to earth and good on his word."Eddy Cue, who runs iTunes and Apple Pay, wrote that Jobs felt more like a family member than a boss. Phil Schiller, the longest-serving member of Apple's executive team, talked about Jobs' sense of humor and an incident with Al Gore, the former US vice president and one of Apple's board members.

Bud Tribble, one of the original members of the Mac design team, remembered lovecases floral art iphone x case - black how Jobs and Apple were different from other companies in Silicon Valley, Steve was not a lecturer, If he really wanted to impart or teach you something, he would show you, In 1981, just when the original Mac team had formed - there were maybe a dozen people - we were still trying to figure out what we were building, What should it be? What should it do? What should it look like? And Steve came in one day and said, "We're going to go on a field trip." And we all thought it would be some team-building exercise, Then he said, "We're going to San Francisco to the de Young museum, They have a Louis Comfort Tiffany exhibit and we're going to just spend the whole day there, looking at what this guy did."It turned out to be an incredibly good lesson and it set the tone for the Mac group, The electric light had been invented and Thomas Edison wanted to have not just a burning bulb, but a beautiful thing, He convinced Tiffany, an artist, to make lamps, Tiffany used glass and chemistry and metallurgy to build art that was very useful to control light..

I spent a lot of time with Steve. He was one of a kind. Really for the world to understand the impact of Steve on the world we live in, it's going to require a lot more time and perspective. Here's the full text from Cook's message to employees. Today marks four years since Steve passed away. On that day, the world lost a visionary. We at Apple lost a leader, a mentor, and many of us lost a dear friend. Steve was a brilliant person, and his priorities were very simple. He loved his family above all, he loved Apple, and he loved the people with whom he worked so closely and achieved so much.

Each year since his passing, I have reminded everyone in the Apple community that we share the privilege and responsibility of continuing the work Steve loved so much, What is his legacy? I see it all around us: An incredible team that embodies his spirit of innovation and creativity, The greatest products on earth, beloved by customers and empowering hundreds of millions of people around the world, Soaring achievements in technology and architecture, Experiences of surprise and delight, lovecases floral art iphone x case - black A company that only he could have built, A company with an intense determination to change the world for the better..

And, of course, the joy he brought his loved ones. He told me several times in his final years that he hoped to live long enough to see some of the milestones in his children's lives. I was in his office over the summer with Laurene and their youngest daughter. Messages and drawings from his kids to their father are still there on Steve's whiteboard. If you never knew Steve, you probably work with someone who did or who was here when he led Apple. Please stop one of us today and ask what he was really like. Several of us have posted our personal remembrances on AppleWeb, and I encourage you to read them.

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