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let's get high and deny christ iphone case

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let's get high and deny christ iphone case

let's get high and deny christ iphone case

At the launch event on September 9, Apple unveiled its next-generation iPhones -- the iPhone 6S and the iPhones 6S Plus. Demand has been heavy for the new phones, especially the 6S Plus, according to Apple, leading to long wait times for those who've preordered. But another factor may limit availability of the new large-screened iPhone. The iPhone 6S Plus's backlight module, which supplies light to the screen, is allegedly suffering production issues, according to a Monday investors note from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, which was picked up by AppleInsider. Kuo apparently didn't specify the exact nature of the problem but said the slowdown in production rests with Apple supplier Minebea, which has been manufacturing the backlight modules.

Apple has reportedly moved more of the production of the module to another supplier called Radiant, with whom Apple has let's get high and deny christ iphone case worked in the past to build the backlight modules for the iPad Mini, Kuo said he thinks Radiant may be "more skilled" at making the modules, AppleInsider said, "We believe Minebea's (JP) backlight module production issues in supplying iPhone 6S Plus (6S Plus) is one of the main factors in the model's supply shortage," Kuo said, according to MacRumors, "To tackle this issue, we believe Apple (US) has been increasingly transferring high-ASP 6S Plus backlight module orders to Radiant, boosting its sales momentum."Apple is expected to have somewhere between 1.5 million to 2 million iPhone 6s Plus units for sale on launch date, according to Kuo..

On Monday, Apple announced that preorders for the two phones were "very strong around the world," and online demand for the 6S Plus was said Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller. Based on the number of preorders, Muller added that Apple is "on pace" to surpass last year's initial sales when it moved 10 million units of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus during their first weekend of availability (including more than 4 million preorders during the first 24 hours). But this year's launch weekend numbers are likely to get a boost from China, which was not part of last year's initial launch. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said in an investors note on Monday that China is likely to account for around 2 million in iPhone sales during the opening weekend. Overall, Munster predicts Apple will sell 12 million to 13 million iPhone 6S and 6S Plus handsets the first weekend.

Among 145 Apple Watch owners questioned, 54 percent said they're "very satisfied" with the device, while 33 percent said let's get high and deny christ iphone case they're "somewhat satisfied" with it, resulting in a hefty 87 percent who gave the watch a good grade, Only 6 percent said they're "somewhat unsatisfied" with it, with another 6 percent saying they're "very unsatisfied."Conducted by 451 Research from July 27 through August 4, the survey focused on overall satisfaction and major likes and dislikes of the Apple Watch as well as its effect on similar products..

Though the survey measured responses from only 145 people, extrapolating those results to a larger audience puts the watch in a highly positive light. Apple designed the watch to appeal to a wide range of buyers, offering three different models starting at prices ranging from from $349 for the Sport version to $549 for the Apple Watch version to $10,000 for the Apple Watch Edition. Trying to make a product that's all things to all people could've resulted in a lemon. But the many features may actually be helping the watch better compete with other wearables on the market.

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