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kisomo iself iphone 6s / 6 selfie case - black reviews

SKU: EN-F10099

kisomo iself iphone 6s / 6 selfie case - black reviews

kisomo iself iphone 6s / 6 selfie case - black reviews

Or, you could just send the link to this CNET story. That should do the job. Are you a bit of a shutterbug? Add that to the list of reasons to avoid the 16GB model of the latest iPhone. With a 12-megapixel camera, 4K video recording, and a new kind of photo that bursts into life when you press down on the screen, it's natural to think that photos on the new Apple iPhone 6S might use up more space than its predecessors. But you might not be prepared for just how big the impact on your storage space can be.

Everything you need to know about Microsoft's press event, [Editor's note: This event is now over.Here's a summary of everything Microsoft just announced.], Microsoft is holding an event in New York City in just a few hours, The software giant is expected to announce a new Surface Pro tablet, two new Lumia smartphones and kisomo iself iphone 6s / 6 selfie case - black reviews a new fitness tracker, We may even here some news about Windows 10 and the Xbox, Here's everything you need to know, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

San Francisco's Department of Emergency Management wanted to know why calls to its call center increased 28 percent in 2014 compared with 2011. Fortunately, Google's penchant for letting its staff work on projects that actually help society aligned with this question. The two sides got together and decided to see what was going on, and their results, released Monday are startling. In one sample of 197 calls made, 30 percent were discovered to be butt-dials -- accidental calls typically placed from the handset owner's pocket or purse. These went into the computer-aided dispatch system. Of these calls, 88 percent received a call-back from the dispatcher, a process that took anything between 5 seconds and two and a half minutes, further taxing the overburdened emergency-response system. (The average was 1 minute and 14 seconds.).

San Francisco is not the only US city battling butt-dials, The BBC reports that the Federal Communications Commission estimates that 50 percent of all kisomo iself iphone 6s / 6 selfie case - black reviews emergency calls received by the New York Police Department from cell phones are butt-dials, This amounts to 84 million calls, Of course, cell phones are set up -- with very good reason -- to be able to call 911 without the phone being unlocked, Google's researchers said that in many cases dispatchers in San Francisco didn't bother to note the butt-dials because they were too busy, so the true scale of the issue in that city remains unclear..

The Google team makes several detailed recommendations. Some involve the process by which calls are logged. Currently, San Francisco's system doesn't immediately identify which calls are coming in from a cell phone, as opposed to a landline. With respect to cell phones, Google suggests an automated text that would go straight to the phone in order to speed up the call-back process. The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management wasn't immediately available for comment. However, this problem is such a maddening diversion of resources that one hopes a solution can be found.

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