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iphone case zara

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iphone case zara

The 5X is also a return to the Nexus roots of smaller and cheaper. Last year's Nexus 6, made by Motorola, didn't take off with consumers. Analysts blamed the device's large (5.96-inch) display, but the Nexus 6 also carried a price tag of $649. The new LG phone will travel to additional markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America over the following weeks, according to Google. Google did not immediately respond to CNET's request for additional comment. The new Nexus device carries on the tradition as a budget-friendly phone without the frills and features often added by Android device makers.

Asus, the world's sixth-biggest PC maker, is talking with the Windows software maker about building its own version of iphone case zara Microsoft's HoloLens , Jonney Shih, Asus' chairman, and Terry Myerson, Microsoft's executive vice president of Windows and devices, have told CNET, Asus' interest in becoming the first outside company to build a version of Microsoft's device could give a boost to augmented reality, which projects 3D images in front of your eyes and overlays them on real-world environments, No version of HoloLens is on the market yet, Microsoft is expected to release a version for software developers for $3,000 in early 2016, That move is designed to spur developers to create HoloLens apps that will appeal to consumers..

"Wait and see," he said. As for Microsoft's HoloLens, Myerson declined to say when his company may begin selling a cheaper version meant for consumers. But there will be signs when it's primed for market. "When my kids can't put the Minecraft on HoloLens down," he said, "we know it's ready for Minecraft players."The HoloLens version of Microsoft's Minecraft, a wildly popular game in which players use textured cubes to build a 3D world, has impressed crowds. CNET earlier this year called Minecraft the .

Shih and Myerson were in San Francisco earlier this month for an Asus event to reveal new gaming PCs, The two companies have partnered closely over the years, though they haven't always been the best of friends, Along with making Windows PCs and tablets, Asus sells devices based on Google's Android software, Meanwhile, Microsoft didn't tell PC makers about its original Surface tablet until iphone case zara shortly before unveiling the device in 2012, something that caused tension between Microsoft and its computer partners..

Ultimately, Microsoft said it created Surface to spur innovation in the computer industry and show consumers the kinds of devices that were possible under Windows. Since then, all of the major PC makers have released similar products. Earlier this month, Microsoft again put a stake in the ground on computer design by introducing its first laptop, the Surface Book. The 13.5-inch Windows 10 device starts at $1,499. Microsoft once again says it wants to inspire its partners. "We don't want to compete with Asus," Myerson said. "That's not our goal..We want people to come home to Windows."One device Asus probably won't be making is a headset based on the first version of Google Glass, which Shih views as "too much limited" by its user interface and a lack of capabilities.

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