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iphone 8 screen protectors uk

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iphone 8 screen protectors uk

For now, however, let's start with simple viewing. The key components, of course, are an Android phone or iPhone and a Google Cardboard. If you're not familiar with the latter, check out my post on getting started with Google Cardboard. You can build your own with a few bucks' worth of parts, but I'm a fan of the preassembled, $19.95 kits from Unofficial Cardboard. To get started, just fire up the Street View app on your phone, then browse the gallery, search for a location, or tap the my-location icon (upper-right corner) to zoom into your neck of the woods. From there you just tap any destination to launch its street view.

Now tap the Google Cardboard icon (also in the upper right), then insert your phone into your Cardboard as instructed by the app, (If the icon disappears before you have a chance to tap it, tap near the top of the screen to bring it back.) iphone 8 screen protectors uk That's it! Now look around and try to undrop your jaw, If you want to "move around," wait until you see a forward-facing arrow, then press your Cardboard's action button, This is really cool stuff, While you're at it, check out these eight experiences you should try on Google Cardboard right now..

It can be hard to get yourself to the gym. It can be even harder if you're a beginner and not really sure what workouts to do. There is the option of hiring a personal trainer, but that comes with an added expense many people may not be willing to pay. The $100 (£65, AU$135) Moov Now is a workout tracker and coach for beginners that want to become more active and start working out, but don't know where to start. This little device, which is a follow-up to last year's Moov tracker, is like a personal trainer on your wrist. Workout programs and real-time audio coaching through the mobile app (for iPhones and Android phones) can help make you a better runner, a faster cyclist, a more efficient swimmer and -- most importantly -- can help you lose weight. You can even wear two to train for boxing, although that doubles the price.

The Moov Now is a small pod that is worn iphone 8 screen protectors uk on your wrist or ankle, It measures your movements, while also tracking calories burned, active minutes and sleep, It's almost like the love child of a Wii remote and a Fitbit, I've been wearing the Moov for the past few weeks, As an avid athlete, I may not be the target audience, but I enjoyed the feedback it provided, I also had a blast doing the boxing workouts, Ultimately, I'm not yet ready to give up my gym membership, But for a beginner who's ramping up a workout regimen and looking for a little digital encouragement, the Moov may be a better starting point than a more traditional fitness tracker like a Fitbit or Jawbone..

The Moov is an activity tracker, but rather than counting metrics like steps and distance, the Moov tracks your sleep at night, calories burned throughout the day, and your active minutes. It also uses a traditional coin battery, which is said to last up to six months. It's nice never having to charge it, but you will need to eventually manually replace the battery. Fortunately, they're dirt cheap -- you can get a 10-pack at Amazon for under $7. It's a weird fitness tracker. As I said, it doesn't use standard measurements. And while it syncs with Apple's Health app, it doesn't included detailed information on sleep (deep, light or REM) and doesn't let you set personal activity goals.

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