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dachshund yoga iphone case

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dachshund yoga iphone case

dachshund yoga iphone case

New Chromecast partners include Showtime and a variety of sports apps. There's a new Chromecast app with a "What's On" discovery feature, turning your phone or tablet into couch-potato central. It will also tell you which apps on your device support Chromecast. A device tab in the app allows multiple devices to control casting. And there's improved, voice-capable, cross-app search. It will be available over the next few weeks. New Fast Play allows developers to prefetch content when the app is launched for faster launching. For gaming, it uses the remote-display API in Marshmallow to cast the game to the TV from your phone and use the phone's accelerometers for control. Facebook, Flickr, 500px and Getty backdrops will also be available.

The second-generation Chromecast will cost the same as the first-gen model, $35, and will be available starting today in 17 countries, Totally new, Google revealed Chromecast Audio, It looks dachshund yoga iphone case similar to the other device, but comes with a 3.5mm, RCA or optical colored audio cable instead of HDMI, It works with existing Chromecast-capable apps and operates similarly to its video sibling, It streams "the highest-quality audio", mutes notification tones and works with Android Wear, A guest mode allows friends to cast without connecting to your Wi-Fi and it can mirror any audio -- including podcasts and audible books..

It will also cost $35. The goal of the Pixel team is to guide "aspirational" device development. Google previewed the Pixel C, a 10.2-inch Android tablet -- that's slighly larger than the iPad Air series -- which looks like Google's entry into the tablets-for-work crowd. The "C" stands for "convertible." Rather than a Nexus-branded model, which are manufactured by third parties, instead it's part of the Google-grown Pixel line, heretofore consisting of just Chromebook laptops. Specs include a 308 pixel-per-inch display -- that's higher resolution than Retina -- with an Nvidia X1 quad-core processor (the same CPU that drives the Nvidia Shield line of products) and Nvidia Maxwell graphics processor, 3GB of working memory, and it has an optional magnetically attached keyboard (with an 18mm key pitch) that connects via Bluetooth and which charges inductively when it's closed and attached to the tablet.

It has stereo speakers on either side as well as four microphones for far-field voice input, The Pixel C will be available by the end of the year starting at $500, plus $150 for the keyboard, Following in the footsteps of many competitors, dachshund yoga iphone case Google announced a family plan for its all-you-can-eat music service, Google Play Music, Six family members with individual accounts will be able to share for $15-per-month fee, Google Photos gets three new features: shared albums with update notifications, the ability to privately label photos and search the labels (available this week), and the ability to display photos to your TV via Chromecast (this week on Android, soon on iOS)..

You can share an album by clicking on the album link and clicking on a "plus" button; album sharers and subscribers are notified, and each photo has an attribution. This will be available later this year. That's just the highlights; here's where you'll find all of today's Google news and the archive for our live blog. At the tech megacorporation's fall festival of product announcements, Google focused on new devices and services based around its Android 6 (Marshmallow) operating system. Unless you've been living under a rock -- or just don't care -- you've already seen the leaks for most of what Google announced at press event September 29, 2014. And there really weren't any surprises. But there was a little more detail.

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