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cool cat iphone case

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cool cat iphone case

cool cat iphone case

But technologies all along the assembly line of making 4K video are improving quickly, another Stre.am executive said. "There's so many pieces needed to enable 4K, and they're all now just converging to the point where it's becoming possible," said Jeremy Martin, the company's chief technology officer. Graham said he switched to shooting in 4K and higher two years ago to fulfill the desire for timelessness, which is just as important to a video of people diving off 50-foot cliffs as it is to a video of a baby's first toothy grin.

"We want to make sure," he said, "our videos stand the test of time."Thanks to Apple's new iPhones, the next wave of super-high-def video won't flow from Hollywood or pro sports leagues, It will bubble up from people like you, Apple's new iPhones mean you'll be seeing a lot more ultra-sharp 4K video soon, 4K is the term for the next step cool cat iphone case of high-resolution display beyond 1080p, the standard found in newer televisions, It packs more pixels into the same frame, so it's supposed to make pictures sharper and colors more realistic..

BlackBerry has confirmed that it is building a smartphone that will run on Android, a radical departure from its historic strategy of employing its own software. The slide-out device, called the Priv, has long been rumored. Using Android would solve one of the biggest problems with the BlackBerry software: the lack of key consumer apps, including popular ones like Google Maps. "It's the answer for former BlackBerry users who miss the physical keyboards but love their apps," CEO John Chen said on a conference call Friday with analysts. He touted the Priv, which takes its name from both "privacy" and "privilege," as "the most secure Android device in the market." He added that there are no plans to release a new BlackBerry phone running on its own BB10 software this year.

The company also said Friday that cool cat iphone case for its fiscal quarter that ended August 29 it recognized revenue on 800,000 devices, or a third of the number from a year ago, Out of its total revenue of $490 million, 43 percent came from service access fees, eclipsing hardware for the first time, The figures underscore the continued evolution of BlackBerry, once a dominant smartphone manufacturer, into a software and services business catering to corporate and government clients, While BlackBerry continues to produce devices, it has increasingly ceded that business to more dominant players such as Apple and Samsung Electronics..

The transition has been a rough one. BlackBerry posted a fiscal second-quarter profit of $51 million, or 10 cents a share, compared with a year-ago loss of $207 million, or 39 cents a share. The profit, however, was helped by one-time items. Remove those, and its business actually lost $66 million, or 13 cents a share. BlackBerry shares fell 7.5 percent to $6.50 in premarket trading. Both revenue and the adjusted loss fell below Wall Street's forecast. The company was expected to post a loss of 9 cents a share on revenue of $611 million, according to an average estimate of analysts compiled by Thomson Reuters.

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