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colorful retro stripes - 70s, 80s abstract design iphone case

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colorful retro stripes - 70s, 80s abstract design iphone case

colorful retro stripes - 70s, 80s abstract design iphone case

Microsoft emphasizes that this first headset is meant for developers and commercial customers -- not consumers. It's not for playing Minecraft or Halo quite yet. In fact, Microsoft says the initial developer kit won't be visually or functionally different than the one we tried at E3 back in June, which suggests it could still have a disappointingly narrow field of view . Still, the technology is impressive: "I want one" was the immediate reaction from more than one CNET staffer. It's not like just anyone could buy a HoloLens developer kit and be disappointed, anyhow. Since Microsoft is trying to create a healthy ecosystem for this new category of computer, the company says it isn't actually taking any money or billing information at this stage.

Unlike other recent notable wearable devices like Google Glass and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, where anyone could pay and get in line for a developer kit, prospective HoloLens developers will effectively be auditioning for a chance to work with the technology, That's presumably so Microsoft can control the quality of colorful retro stripes - 70s, 80s abstract design iphone case the initial holographic applications it shows to the public, Microsoft wouldn't say how many headsets it plans to offer, or which qualifications it's looking for in a developer -- only that all types of developers will be considered, Software developers will need to be part of the Windows Insider program, and there will be a limit of two devices per applicant, Unless, that is, you're with a company building a large-scale application for HoloLens, Commercial customers will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis..

The HoloLens is joining the nascent market for head-mounted computers, but it's trailing the pack. When the HoloLens developer kit ships in Q1 2016, it will arrive alongside full consumer versions of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive , two competing virtual reality headsets designed to plug into Windows computers. Facebook, which owns Oculus, also partnered with Samsung to release the Gear VR later this year -- a somewhat less capable $99 headset which uses a Samsung Galaxy smartphone as its display and processor. And by the middle of next year, Sony plans to launch the PlayStation VR headset for its PlayStation 4.

Microsoft is positioning the HoloLens as something rather different from those virtual reality headsets, though, which generally require plugging into a PC or game console and obscuring your real-world vision, Microsoft imagines a future of hybrid applications that blend real and virtual worlds, One example is OnSight, a collaboration with NASA, which lets scientists step into a holographic recreation of Mars, There's no colorful retro stripes - 70s, 80s abstract design iphone case word on when consumers can buy Microsoft's holographic headset, but developers can apply for access early next year..

Visa and Chevron on Tuesday announced an initiative to bring some of the first mobile payments-enabled gas pumps to California. Starting later this fall, people will be able to use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google's Android Pay to pay for gas at more than 20 Chevron stations around San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The announcement is a significant step forward for Chevron's plans, after it started dabbling with mobile payment-powered pumps last year. "Consumers will begin to see transformational ways of making payments that are more convenient and more secure," Jim McCarthy, Visa's executive vice president of innovation and strategic partnerships, said in an interview. "We, like Chevron, see mobile as the future."While mobile payments technology is already available inside many gas station stores, the Visa and Chevron partnership joins a few, smaller efforts to bring mobile payments outside to gas pumps. ExxonMobil in 2013 launched the mobile app Speedpass+ for some US stations, while Shell teamed up with PayPal this year to create the app Fill Up & Go in the UK. Both apps use QR codes, which require users to take pictures of codes at gas pumps to register their payments.

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