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caseology parallax series iphone x case - black / warm grey reviews

SKU: EN-F10177

caseology parallax series iphone x case - black / warm grey reviews

caseology parallax series iphone x case - black / warm grey reviews

Model "S" phones get a bad rap for "incremental upgrades," but a closer look reveals they might be the most innovative iPhones. Sharon Profis visited Pebble's Design Lab to find out how the smartwatch maker transformed its tech to fit inside a small, stylish round watch. Made of leather, titanium and solid sapphire, the Vertu New Signature Touch is a seriously luxurious Android phone. Did we mention concierge service is included? Check out our hands-on video. This week on Crave get hyped for football season with the B.R.O Ball Bluetooth speaker, watch what happens when you shoot an iMac with a cannon and marvel at a swarm of bridge-building autonomous drones.

A quick note on resolution: All phones were shooting on full automatic mode, and at maximum resolution, For the iPhone 6, that's 8 megapixels, with caseology parallax series iphone x case - black / warm grey reviews 12 megapixels available on the 6S Plus, The Galaxy S6 offers 16 megapixels, although at max resolution, it takes its shots in a wider 16:9 aspect ratio, rather than 4:3 on the iPhones, In actual fact, the vertical number of pixels isn't all that different (2,998 pixels on the S6; 3,024 pixels on the iPhone 6S Plus), The extra resolution of the S6 comes largely from its extra width -- 5,312 pixels versus 4,032 on the iPhone 6S Plus..

Both the iPhone 6S Plus (top) and the iPhone 6 (bottom) took bright and sharp shots of this fungus, with natural colour tones. Surprisingly, there's not a noticeable amount of difference in clarity when viewing at full screen. The Galaxy S6 has erred for a warmer tone overall, which although wasn't present in the scene when I took the shot, does suit the overall look well -- it's as though the camera tried to stylise the shot itself to suit the autumnal scene. There's a touch more clarity as well at full screen, thanks to its 16-megapixel image sensor, although all three shots are packed with detail.

There's a noticeable increase in clarity from the 6S Plus in the fine details on some of the leaves in this shot, Both phones, however, have taken shots with quite cold colours, As with the fungus picture, the Galaxy S6 has automatically used a warmer white balance which suits this shot nicely, The higher resolution sensor provides extra detail to some of the leaves in the centre, although there's a noticeable degradation in detail toward the edges of the image, All three phones have exposed for this scene very well, keeping the skies under control while maintaining brightness in the shadowy areas, The Galaxy S6 has caseology parallax series iphone x case - black / warm grey reviews again tripped up with its white balance, which has resulted in a yellowish cast, while the iPhones achieved natural, rich blue skies, The S6 Plus does have a slight edge with quality, however it's not a huge difference and not one you're likely to notice unless you zoom right into the details..

There's little difference in clarity to note between the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S Plus in this coffee scene, with both phones easily beating the lower-resolution iPhone 6. Colours are comparable too, but the slight boost in contrast from the iPhone 6S Plus makes the wood grain in the table and the foam on the latte stand out a little more, resulting in a more pleasing shot overall. The iPhone 6 was one of our favourite camera phones, thanks to its ability to easily capture beautifully exposed scenes with great, natural colours. In the realm of daytime outdoor photos, at least, the iPhone 6S Plus doesn't just match its already superb predecessor, but exceeds it. It adds an extra serving of clarity for shots that feature lots of fine detail, with punchier contrast to boot. Sure, it's not going to replace my professional dSLR, but its ability to quickly and consistently capture a rich, natural scene without needing to fiddle with settings will make it a very welcome companion on trips when I don't want to carry around a bulky camera.

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