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ballet flats embellished

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ballet flats embellished

Butterfly Walk: Join Sally Levinson, Garden volunteer propagator, docent and caterpillar lady on a search for butterflies. 3-4 p.m. Fourth Tuesdays monthly, through Oct. 28. UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley, 200 Centennial Drive. Free with garden admission. Space limited. Children welcome. Register by calling 510-643-2755 or email garden@berkeley.edu. Fish Feeding Time: Get close to crabs and see flounder, perch and pipefish. 3-3:30 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Crab Cove, 1252 McKay Ave., Alameda. 510-544-3187, www.ebparksonline.org.

Painter and printmaker Herring has re-imagined folk art themes, She appreciates that the forms and colors of Mexican folk art “encourage boldness and living life to the fullest but most often in a lighthearted way.”, For Krupka, vibrant hues of Day of the Dead colors have influenced her creations in this show, She incorporates various ballet flats embellished mediums into her two-sided sculptures, from stone and glass beads to metal and fabric, Gallery visitors are invited to bring items honoring special people from their lives who have passed on, A public altar will be in place for visitors to leave their offerings..

Kerr said he also felt similar feelings when he tried to defend one of his five NBA championships during his 16-year NBA career. The most visible example involved the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls, which tried winning a third consecutive NBA title through varying circumstances. Two years after setting an NBA record regular-season record that the 2015-16 Warriors eventually broke (72-10), the 1997-98 Bulls struggled with complacency. They also struggled with health. Chicago forward Scottie Pippen missed the first 35 games because of offseason foot surgery. Kerr often vividly recalls Pippen riding a stationary bike to keep his back warm during the Bulls’ eventual Game 6 win over the Utah Jazz in the NBA Finals. Lastly, the Bulls handled these circumstances anticipating this would be it. Former Bulls coach Phil Jackson called the season “The Last Dance” because of his philosophical differences with the Bulls’ late general manager Jerry Krause. Jordan and Pippen held similar sentiments.

A 1900 Fourth representative did not respond to a request for comment, Over the past year, ballet flats embellished Gould and her allies have held meetings, circulated petitions, set up the CrowdRise fundraising website, Save the West Berkeley Shellmound, and more recently, spoke at public meetings of the Landmarks Preservation Commission and Zoning Adjustments Board, On Feb, 2, the landmarks commission recommended that part of the project’s draft environmental impact report be “withdrawn, re-written and recirculated.”..

Rachel Ako, 37. Survivor skills: Rachel says she is energetic, authentic and fun, and she likes to dance, travel and have high-rope, high adventures. And no, we haven’t got a clue what that means, but we wish her well on her choice of hobbies. Survivability: Rachel wants to win in order to inspire other Asian-Pacific women to compete, which is a noble cause. She also hopes to be the first female Asian-Pacific Islander to win the title, which is slightly less noble. But at least she’s trying, and we’ll give her some points for that. Our points, however, will get her nothing. We thinks she’s got very long odds on fulfilling her dream.

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