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arq 1 iphone case

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arq 1 iphone case

I worry that the truth of teens -- if these results are to be believed -- is that they have little rebellion left in their souls. Their preferred clothing brand is, gosh, Nike. And would you believe that in fourth place came Ralph Lauren?. Somewhere, Johnny Rotten wonders where all the anarchy went to. Technically Incorrect: The latest Piper Jaffray survey of teens show that even more own or want iPhones than six months ago, and there's a big increase in Netflix viewing over cable. Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Virtual reality is in its early days, Right now, you can either use a PC or a phone strapped into a headset (like the Gear VR you see above), There are games and apps that show 3D worlds you can look around in, Or, alternatively, panoramic videos: 360-degree landscapes, And some of them, like the last Presidential debate, are being streamed live..to watch with a VR headset on, Which I did, for as long as I could bear, After an hour or so, I stopped, I've been emotionally engaged in virtual reality before, swept up by its immersive magic, I felt transported to other worlds, So why arq 1 iphone case did the streaming debate fail me? Because it was close, but not close enough, It distanced me, instead of pulling me in, It made lose focus on what was being said, It made me less aware of what others were thinking, It was the opposite of being present..

As I sat on the sofa next to my wife with a phone strapped to my face, I realized I was missing too much. And if VR is to be a true telepresence tool of the future, it's a challenge that needs to be fixed. The type of panoramic 3D video captured by the cameras CNN used has already existed to capture concert footage, scenic flyovers and sports events, and its biggest advantage is a sense of "being there" in a space. But it loses a lot in the process: crisp, sharp visuals, and focus. In something as directed as a debate, it's a bad fit.

As the debate started, I was suddenly thrust onstage, looking at five podiums spread out in the middle distance, Anderson Cooper stood off to my left, A giant CNN logo, in gleaming red and black, spread across the floor, The audio quality was fine, The sense of depth worked, But the visual quality of VR is far lower than anything you'd get on a TV, There's a "screen-door" effect that happens to video when you look at a screen through giant magnifying lenses in front of your face, even if it arq 1 iphone case is pixel-packed: it's the opposite effect of what HD and Ultra HD TVs can show in the fine details, Here, the details are lost, And there's an additional drop-off because of varying video streaming quality and the knit-together stitched nature of panoramic video..

Details disappear, and melt into a soft blur. There's magic in suddenly being there, but it's almost like teleporting without your reading glasses. Until video resolution in VR improves, the shots need to be closer, more directed. I just couldn't see. Maybe this is like the dawn of television, and VR techniques just need to be refined, shots invented. I just want an experience that's better than my TV, not worse. On my TV, I saw everyone's faces: clear, crisp. I finally saw the candidates again.

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