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apple - iphone 8/7 leather case - spring yellow

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apple - iphone 8/7 leather case - spring yellow

apple - iphone 8/7 leather case - spring yellow

Google's Pixel C was the first tablet made and designed by Google, and it's built to showcase everything that Android has to offer. But it's pricey, starting at $500 (£480, AU$670) for the 32GB model and $600 (£559, AU$800) for the 64GB version, and that's before you spring for the $149 (£209, AU$200) keyboard accessory. And then there's Microsoft's Surface Pro 4. Equipped with robust processing power, a perfectly sized display and just-right aspect ratio, and a few critical add-on accessories, the Pro 4 has solidified the Surface's position as the gold standard for Windows tablets.

Check out CNET's head-to-head comparison of Google's Pixel C, Microsoft's Surface 3, Apple's iPad Air 2, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 apple - iphone 8/7 leather case - spring yellow for a detailed view of how the specs stack up, Editors' note: The original review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0, first published in September 2015, follows, With an exceptional design in tow, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 gives the Apple iPad Mini a run for its money, The 8-inch Tab S2 is thinner and lighter than both the iPad Mini 4 and the Dell Venue 8 7000, and it offers twice the amount of internal storage for the same price as each of them, (A 9.7-inch version of the Tab S2 is also available, and is otherwise almost identical.)..

Running Samsung's Android-based TouchWiz user-interface, the tablet is similar to the company's flagship Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones, which also utilize the UI. Though it lacks an exciting or cutting-edge feature, the absence of a gimmicky factor doesn't change the fact that the Galaxy Tab S2 is one of the best Android tablets available. It has a spectacular HD screen with vivid color and this new model sports a 4:3 aspect ratio (last year's Tab S had a wider 16:9 screen that was geared toward video watching) that's prime for reading, apps and surfing the Web. It also features consistently smooth performance, a fingerprint scanner and decent cameras -- a rarity for a tablet. All of that is packed into a superskinny and featherweight design that looks cool, feels comfortable to hold, and is so compact, it'll barely make a dent in your bag.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 doesn't come cheap, starting at $400 for the 32GB apple - iphone 8/7 leather case - spring yellow model, yet it's a worthwhile investment if you're interested in an Android tablet for everyday use, Its petite dimensions make it a perfect portable companion for an everyday commute or travel, A great iPad alternative with sleek design, vibrant and sharp screen, plentiful storage, Editors' note: The 8-inch (reviewed here) and 9.7-inch versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 are almost identical, Portions of their reviews are similar..

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is -- to date -- one of the thinnest and lightest tablets available. It's a mere 5.6mm thin and 0.58-pound (265g) light, slightly edging out its main competition, the Dell Venue 8 7000 and Apple iPad Mini 4. Its design itself is sleek with a premium look and feel. The build might feel cheap to some who prefer the aluminum backs of the iPad Mini 4 or Dell Venue 8 7000, but it's heaps better than last year's plastic faux-leather texture with fake stitching accents. The right side of the tablet houses the power button, volume rocker and microSD card slot. To insert a microSD card, you must use a small pointy object to eject the tray. A thick needle or paper clip should do the trick. On the bottom edge you'll find two speakers with a headphone jack and Micro-USB port between them.

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